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Laurie Goodman

MA USA Branch, for Hong Kong, China Journal Office
I have worked in the field of Scientific Publishing since I completed my Post Doctoral studies in 1995. I currently serve as Editor-in-Chief for the international open-access open-data journal GigaScience that focuses on big data studies in the life sciences. This is an innovative journal developed and published through a collaboration between BGI (the largest genomics institution in the world) and the open access publisher BioMed Central. This partnership allows 'Team Giga' to publish all components of a scholarly articles: the article narrative (in a standard journal format) directly linked to a database that hosts the study's data and software (both are given DOIs to make them independently citable) and a computational platform to reproduce the analyses or use the data/tools for independent studies. Our main goals for scientific communication are transparency, reproducibility, reusability and rapid and open access to research information on all levels.

In addition to serving as EiC for GigaScience, I also run Goodman Writing & Editing, which provides a variety of services including manuscript writing seminars and high-level editing of scientific manuscripts, with a specialty in editing manuscripts from non-native English speakers.

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9724-5976. Follow on Twitter @GigaScience.