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EBSCO Information Services
avatar for David Scherer (he/him)

David Scherer (he/him)

Carnegie Mellon University
Scholarly Communications and Research Curation Consultant

Nancy Abashian

Binghamton University
Head of Reader Services and Resource Sharing
avatar for Jennifer Maddox Abbott

Jennifer Maddox Abbott

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Collection Management Librarian
avatar for John P. Abbott

John P. Abbott

Appalachian State University
Coordinator, Collection Management

Jennifer Albers-Smith

Gale Cengage Learning
Marketing Director, Academic and Special Libraries

Lynda Aldana

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Head of Technical Services & Library IT Services

Steve Alleman

University of Missouri - Kansas City
Head of Collections
avatar for Lenny Allen

Lenny Allen

Global Sales & Marketing Director
avatar for Nicole Allen

Nicole Allen

Director of Open Education

Mr. Viral M Amin, MA, MS

Marymount University
Metadata / Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson

University of Utah
Assoc. Dean for Collections & Schol Comm

Myra Appel

University Library, University of California, Davis
Head, Collection Strategies Department
avatar for Michael Arthur

Michael Arthur

University of Central Florida
Head of Acquisitions and Collection Development
avatar for Maria Atilano

Maria Atilano

University of North Florida
Student Outreach Librarian

Godmar Back

Virginia Tech
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
avatar for Annette Bailey

Annette Bailey

Virginia Tech
Assistant Director, Learning Systems & Educational Technology Projects
avatar for Jeff Bailey

Jeff Bailey

Arkansas State University
Library Director

John Banionis

Sales Manager, NA - Future Science Group
avatar for Mary Beth Barilla

Mary Beth Barilla

Emerald Group Publishing, Inc.
Sales Manager
avatar for Lindsay Barnett

Lindsay Barnett

College of Charleston
Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Manager

Lisa Barricella

East Carolina University
Head, Monographic Acquisitions
avatar for Buzzy Basch

Buzzy Basch

Basch Subscriptions
avatar for Jennifer Bazeley

Jennifer Bazeley

Miami University (OH)
Coordinator, Collection Access and Acquisitions

Mark Bernard

UNC Charlotte
Professor of Communications Studies
avatar for Scott Bernier

Scott Bernier

EBSCO Information Services
Senior Vice President
avatar for Marilyn Billings

Marilyn Billings

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Head, Office of Scholarly Communication
avatar for Bob Boissy

Bob Boissy

Springer Nature
Director, Institutional Marketing and Account Development
avatar for Maria Bonn

Maria Bonn

University of Illinois
Associate Professor, MS/LIS and CAS Program Director

H. Austin Booth

University at Buffalo
Vice Provost
avatar for Rachel Borchardt

Rachel Borchardt

American University
Associate Director, Research and Instructional Services, and Science...
avatar for Paulina Borrego

Paulina Borrego

UMass Amherst
Science and Engineering Librarian

Cecilia Botero

University of Florida
Associate Dean, Health Science Center Libraries

Renee Bracey

Siena Heights University
Circulation Coordinator
avatar for Alison Bradley

Alison Bradley

Director, Strategic Initiatives
avatar for Denise Branch

Denise Branch

Virginia Commonwealth University
Head Electronic and Continuing Resources
avatar for Ann-Marie Breaux

Ann-Marie Breaux

YBP Library Services
Vice President, Academic Service Integration
avatar for Becca Brody

Becca Brody

Westfield State University
Head of Library Collections & Content
avatar for Jackie Bronicki

Jackie Bronicki

University of Houston
Assessment & Statistics
avatar for Hob Brooks

Hob Brooks

Wolters Kluwer Health
Senior Director Business Development
avatar for Christopher C. Brown

Christopher C. Brown

University of Denver
Reference Technology Integration Librarian
avatar for Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Project MUSE, Johns Hopkins University Press
Publisher Relations Manager
avatar for Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

Mercer University Library
Assistant Dean for Technical Services & Systems
avatar for Ladd Brown

Ladd Brown

Virginia Tech
Head of Acquisitions

Jim Brunnelle

Lewis & Clark College
Acquisitions/Collection Development Librarian
avatar for Michele Bruno

Michele Bruno

Cengage Learning
Program Manager, Accessibility
avatar for Amelia Brunskill

Amelia Brunskill

DePaul University
Coordinator of Collections & Scholarly Resources

Heidi Buchanan

Western Carolina University
Research & Instruction Librarian, Subject Liaison
avatar for Tim Bucknall

Tim Bucknall

UNC Greensboro
Assistant Dean of Libraries

Jane Bunker

Northwestern University Press
avatar for David Burgoyne

David Burgoyne

Taylor & Francis Group
Head of eProduct Management
avatar for Jane Burke

Jane Burke

ExLibris, a ProQuest company
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
avatar for Rick Burke

Rick Burke

Executive Director
avatar for Howard Burton

Howard Burton

Ideas Roadshow/Open Agenda Publishing
Host and CEO
avatar for Liz Butterfield

Liz Butterfield

Willamette University Library
Monographs and Acquisitions Manager
avatar for Joe Buzzanga

Joe Buzzanga

Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Senior Product Manager
avatar for Pascal Calarco

Pascal Calarco

University of Waterloo
Associate University Librarian, Research and Digital Discovery...
avatar for Burton Callicott

Burton Callicott

College of Charleston
Reference Librarian

Cindy Campbell

Florida SouthWestern State College
Acquisitions Librarian

Damon Campbell

University of Oregon Library
Acquisitions Librarian

Jane Carlin

University of Puget Sound
Library Director
avatar for Todd Carpenter

Todd Carpenter

Executive Director

Angela Carreno

New York University
Curator for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Jeff Carrico

Georgia Tech
Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication and Access

Steven Carrico

University of Florida
Acq Librarian

Jeffrey Carroll

Columbia University Libraries
Director, Collection Development

Jennifer Carroll

University of New Hampshire
Collection Management Librarian
avatar for Timothy Carstens

Timothy Carstens

Western Carolina University
Department Head/Associate Dean

Nicole Casner

DePaul University Library
Serials & Acquisitions Coordinator
avatar for Jeannie Castro

Jeannie Castro

University of Houston
Electronic Resources Coordinator
avatar for Tara Tobin Cataldo, MLS

Tara Tobin Cataldo, MLS

University of Florida
Science Collections Coordinator
avatar for Gayle Chan

Gayle Chan

University of Hong Kong
Head of Collections

Jennifer Chang

Mendeley Commercial Director
avatar for Ashley Chase

Ashley Chase

Stetson University College of Law
Associate Director
avatar for Adam Chesler

Adam Chesler

Business Expert Press / Momentum Press
Director of Library Relations
avatar for Galadriel Chilton

Galadriel Chilton

University of Connecticut
Head of Licensing & Acquisitions
avatar for John Chodacki

John Chodacki

Product Director
avatar for Faye Christenberry

Faye Christenberry

University of Washington Libraries
English Studies Librarian
avatar for Tina E Chrzastowski

Tina E Chrzastowski

Santa Clara University Library
Head of Access & Delivery Services

Jennifer Clarke

Bucknell University
Director, Collection Development and Access Services
avatar for Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke

Clarke & Company
avatar for Gail Clement

Gail Clement

Texas A&M University
Special Projects Librarian, TAMU

parry clive

Vice President, Global Marketing
avatar for Dory Cochran

Dory Cochran

Utah State University Library
Reference & Instruction Librarian
avatar for Lettie Conrad

Lettie Conrad

SAGE Publishing
Executive Program Manager, Discovery & Product Analysis
avatar for Eleanor I. Cook

Eleanor I. Cook

East Carolina University
Assistant Director for Discovery & Technology Services

Jonathan Cope

College of Staten Island
Reference Librarian
avatar for Sheila Corrall

Sheila Corrall

University of Pittsburgh, Department of Information Culture & Data Stewardship
avatar for Deirdre Costello

Deirdre Costello

EBSCO Information Services
Director, UX Research
avatar for Amy Coughenour

Amy Coughenour

Concordia University
Distance Education Librarian
avatar for Jonathan Crabtree

Jonathan Crabtree

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Assistant Director for Archives and Information Technology, Odum...
avatar for Beth Cramer

Beth Cramer

Appalachian State University
Catalog and Liaison Librarian
avatar for Erin Crane

Erin Crane

Liberty University
E-books Librarian
avatar for Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLIS

Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLIS

University of North Texas Libraries
Head of Collection Development

Jeannine Creazzo

Saint Peter's University Hospital
Manager, Library Services
avatar for Linda Creibaum

Linda Creibaum

Arkansas State University
Acquisitions and Serials Librarian
avatar for Will Cross

Will Cross

North Carolina State University
Director, Open Knowledge Center & Head of Information Policy

Raym Crow

Senior Consultant
avatar for Sean Crowe

Sean Crowe

University of Cincinnati Libraries
Electronic Resources Librarian

Helen Cullyer

Mellon Foundation
Program Officer in Scholarly Communications
avatar for Lea Currie

Lea Currie

University of Kansas Libraries
Head of Content Development
avatar for Robin Cutler

Robin Cutler


Vida Damijonaitis

Manager, Worldwide Sales
American Medical Association
avatar for Shawn Daugherty

Shawn Daugherty

Assistant Director for Operations
avatar for Erin Davis

Erin Davis

Utah State University
Library Coordinator of Statewide Campuses and E-Learning
avatar for Hilary Davis

Hilary Davis

North Carolina State University Libraries
Department Head, Collections & Research Strategy
avatar for Jim Davis

Jim Davis

avatar for Mitchell Davis

Mitchell Davis


Laura Dawson

Product Manager, Identifier Services
avatar for Annette Day

Annette Day

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries
Div Director, Collections/Acquisitions/Discovery
avatar for Jennifer Dean

Jennifer Dean

University of Detroit Mercy
Dean of Libraries & Instructional Technology
avatar for Barbara DeFelice

Barbara DeFelice

Dartmouth College
Program Director for Scholarly Communication, Copyright & Publishing
avatar for Andreas Degkwitz

Andreas Degkwitz

Universitätsbibliothek der HU

Debbi Dinkins

Stetson University
Associate Dean, Library
avatar for Joyce Dixon-Fyle

Joyce Dixon-Fyle

avatar for Daniel Dollar

Daniel Dollar

Yale University
AUL for Scholarly Resources
avatar for Rhonda Donaldson

Rhonda Donaldson

Shepherd University
Coordinator of Research Services

Jim Dooley

University of California, Merced
Head, Collection Services
avatar for John G. Dove

John G. Dove

Consultant and Open Access Advocate

Rachel Dresbeck

Oregon Health & Science University
Director, Academic & Research Development & Communication
avatar for Carol Drost

Carol Drost

Willamette University
AUL for Technical Services
avatar for Jennifer Duncan

Jennifer Duncan

Utah State University - Merrill-Cazier Library
Head of Special Collections & Archives
avatar for Matt Dunie

Matt Dunie


Ellen Duranceau

Program Manager for Scholarly Publishing, Copyright & Licensing

David Durant

East Carolina University
Federal Documents and Social Sciences Librarian

Michelle Durocher

Harvard Library, Harvard University
Head, Metadata Management / Interim Head, Metadata Creation
avatar for Cyd Dyer

Cyd Dyer

Simpson College
College Librarian/Archivist

Ewa Dzurak

College of Staten Island
Cataloging Services Librarian
avatar for Patrick Earley

Patrick Earley

The Wikimedia Foundation
Community Advocate

Dave Edwards

EBSCO Information Services
Director, Discovery Service Engineering
avatar for Amy Elliott

Amy Elliott

Product Analyst, WorldCat knowledge base and WorldShare Metadata...
avatar for Jill Emery

Jill Emery

Portland State University
Collection Development & Management Librarian
avatar for Lenore England

Lenore England

Asst. Director for Electronic Resources Management
avatar for Todd Enoch

Todd Enoch

University of North Texas
Head of Serials and Electronic Resources

Olaf Ernst

IOP Publishing
Commercial Director
avatar for Joseph Esposito

Joseph Esposito

Clarke & Esposito
Senior Partner
avatar for Martin Eve

Martin Eve

Birkbeck, University of London
Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing

Sue Fahey

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Head, Serials & Acquisitions
avatar for Christine Fair

Christine Fair

Georgetown University
Assistant Professor of Security Studies
avatar for Prof Kerry Falloon

Prof Kerry Falloon

CUNY- College of Staten Island
Acquisitions Librarian
avatar for George Farina

George Farina

Maverick Publishing Specialists
Senior Associate
avatar for Maggie Farrell

Maggie Farrell

University of Wyoming
Dean, Libraries
avatar for Celeste Feather

Celeste Feather

Sr Dir for Content and Schol Comm Initiatives
avatar for Carol Feltes

Carol Feltes

The Rockefeller University
University Librarian
avatar for Cris Ferguson

Cris Ferguson

Murray State University
Assistant Dean of Libraries / Associate Professor
avatar for Jennifer Ferguson

Jennifer Ferguson

Simmons College
Liaison Librarian
avatar for Christine Fischer

Christine Fischer

UNC Greensboro
Head of Technical Services and Associate Professor
avatar for Janet Fisher

Janet Fisher

Publishers Communication Group
Senior Publishing Consultant
avatar for Rachel Fleming

Rachel Fleming

Appalachian State University
Lead Librarian for Acquisitions/Budget Officer
avatar for Rachel Fleming-May

Rachel Fleming-May

School of Information Sciences, The University of Tennessee
Associate Professor

Ted Fons

Executive Director, Data Services & WorldCat Quality
avatar for Anita Foster

Anita Foster

The Ohio State University
Electronic Resources Officer

Geraldine Foudy

University of Maryland, College Park
Manager of Collections
avatar for Kathi Fountain

Kathi Fountain

Oxford University Press
Consortia Account Manager
avatar for Fenella France

Fenella France

Library of Congress

Michael Fusco

Deputy Dir, Library Relations
avatar for Katy Gabrio

Katy Gabrio

Associate Library Director
avatar for Erin Gallagher

Erin Gallagher

Reed College
Director of Collection Services
avatar for Patty Gallilee

Patty Gallilee

Simon Fraser University Library
Associate University Librarian Collections & Scholarly Communication

Nicole Gallo

Rittenhouse Book Distributors

Mike Garabedian

Wardman Library, Whittier College
Collections Management Librarian
avatar for Vanessa Garofalo

Vanessa Garofalo

Southeastern University
Technical Services Librarian

Rich Gause

University of Central Florida
Government Information Librarian
avatar for Julia Gelfand

Julia Gelfand

University of California, Irvine
Applied Sciences & Engineering Librarian
avatar for Catherine Giffi

Catherine Giffi

Director, Strategic Market Analysis
avatar for Tracy Gilmore

Tracy Gilmore

Virginia Tech
Collections Assessment Librarian

Katy Ginanni

Western Carolina University
Collection Development Librarian
avatar for Matthew Goddard

Matthew Goddard

Iowa State University
E-Resources Librarian
avatar for Melissa Goertzen

Melissa Goertzen

Columbia University Libraries
Collection Development Analysis & Support Librarian
avatar for Laurie Goodman

Laurie Goodman

GigaScience Press
avatar for Jennifer Goodrich

Jennifer Goodrich

Copyright Clearance Center
Director of Product Management

Teddy Gray

Duke University Libraries
Head of Acquisitions

Karen Grigg

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Libraries
Science Liaison Librarian

Andrew Grissom

Circulation Supervisor
avatar for Jill Grogg

Jill Grogg

Strategist, Content and Schol Comm Initiatives
avatar for Michael Gruenberg

Michael Gruenberg

IOS Press
avatar for Mark Hahnel

Mark Hahnel

avatar for Corey Halaychik

Corey Halaychik

The Library Collective
Co-Founder & Business Director
avatar for Chuck Hamaker

Chuck Hamaker

UNC Charlotte
Professor Emeritus
avatar for Alexandra Hamlett

Alexandra Hamlett

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College
Assistant Professor, Information Literacy Services & Instruction
avatar for John Hammersley

John Hammersley

Co-founder and CEO
avatar for James Hammons

James Hammons

Ball State University
Head of Library Technologies
avatar for Anne Hancock

Anne Hancock

Emmanuel College and Fenway Libraries Online
Collection Development Librarian, FLO member
avatar for William M. Hannay

William M. Hannay

Schiff Hardin LLP
avatar for Brooks Hanson

Brooks Hanson

American Geophysical Union
AGU Director of Publications
avatar for Karen Harker

Karen Harker

University of North Texas
Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Amy Harris

Amy Harris

University Press of Kentucky
Director of Marketing and Sales

A. Jay Harrison

Founder and Managing Director

Alan Harvey

Stanford University Press
avatar for Jonathan Harwell

Jonathan Harwell

Rollins College
Head of Collections and Systems

Donna Hayward

University of Michigan Library
Executive Associate Director

Benjamin Heet

North Carolina State University Libraries
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Kittie Henderson

Kittie Henderson

Vice President, Academic, Law and Public Library Markets

Mark Henley

University of North Texas
Contracts Librarian
avatar for Lars-Hakan Herbertsson

Lars-Hakan Herbertsson

Chalmers University of Technology

Elliot Hermann

Nature Publishing Group
Director/ VP Sales Operations & Strategy

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